EPFO: Here’s a list of 6 important EPF claim forms for different needs


 EPFO: Here’s a list of 6 important EPF claim forms for different needs

The Employees` Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), the business enterprise liable for handling retirement budget in India, gives 3 social protection programmes to its individuals: the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF), a pension plan, and an coverage programme for employees. 

These 3, which can be ruled through the EPF Plan of 1952, the Pension System of 1995 (EPS), and the Insurance Scheme of 1976 (EDLI), offer for the wishes of its individuals in full.

Here`s a listing of 6 maximum crucial EPF declare paperwork one should recognise about:

1. Form 10C: You can use this shape to withdraw budget out of your employer`s contribution n the EPS scheme. 

2. Form 10D: You can use this shape to avail month-to-month pension.

3. Form 31: This shape is used to gather loans and withdrawals out of your EPF account. 

4. Form 13: This shape lets in you to switch your fund from one process to another. It guarantees that your budget are in a selected location and now no longer shattered. 

5. Form 20: By the usage of this shape your member of the family or nominee can achieve PF budget in case of an employee`s demise and it`s relevant even in case your employment has been shorter than 10 years. 

6. Form 51F: Form 51F may be utilized by your nominee to assert the Insurance blessings of the Employees` Deposit related coverage


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